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2016 Football Season

Somewhat unpredictably, our webstore’s activity has blown up – not necessarily in proportion to other means of business, however. We’re staying busy here at Mathews Team Sports, with an updated location, (if our home page’s banner hasn’t already informed you of that), new coworkers, and, of course, the arrival of football season.

Football season – arguably, it’s the craze of fall sports. It gets a fairly good amount of recognition year-round, nonetheless. With workshops held from the end of the previous season and the peak of winter to the 95 degree’d weeks of June, you can believe that even Tennessee’s high school football teams are managing to fit in a couple of weights classes and sprinting whenever they can in further preparation. Interestingly enough, a lot of the offered summer camps involve 7-on-7 football; hearing that aloud would presumably nerve-wrack any player’s mind. One of the most tactful methods of recruiting any level of teams, be it high school, college, or professional, this chemistry-building game gives a clearer insight into how each player thinks and reacts. I wouldn’t doubt that there’s at least one 7-on-7 match taking place within Williamson County.

With that said, it’s never too early to stay updated on what takes place upon those fields during the months everyone else is absent and longing for the next season! Follow us and keep up with it all on other websites of ours:

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