To Start or To Finish?

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To Start or To Finish?

We decided to share another quote with you this week. We love this one in particular, because it’s more than just motivational or inspirations, but reaches a bit further and really gets you thinking!

Is John Wooden right? Are the players who finish a game more valuable than the ones who got it started? Or do you feel it’s vice versa? Are the starters more valuable players? Or maybe you feel that they’re equally important?

This whole concept applies to much more than sports – it could apply to virtually any realm of life. A standout scenario that comes to mind when it comes to this principle is songwriting. Paul McCartney and John Lennon were known to collaborate frequently when writing their legendary lyrics, but they admitted that Lennon generally started the songs and McCartney finished them. Does this make one of them more talented than the other? Maybe we can go a little deeper and find this to be testament to how important teamwork is, since there would be no song without the starter and the finisher. Are games the same….could a victory be accomplished without the initiative of the starters or the endurance of the finishers?

I guess it’s hard to come to a definite conclusion on whether John Wooden is right or wrong with his quote, but we would love to hear your thoughts on the topic! Tell us who you believe is more important (in a game or life in general) – the starter of the finisher?

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