Let’s talk apparel.

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Let’s talk apparel.

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Mannequins shown in our conference room. Previously used Ravenwood High School football jersey at very right. 

The title of this post is a total cliché, that’s very clear, but other than staying updated with what we love and aspire to improve the experience of the most – sports – we’d like to attempt to convey our comparatively extensive knowledge of both sportswear and gear.

As shown in our linked, exhibited catalogs, there’re understandable names for each garment, basic facts about its material, and a series of images so you can get a decent visual of the product before purchasing it. What you don’t know is that a good portion of our staff knows each piece by its very specific name – we’re talking numbers and jumbled up letters – and can most likely give you its price when embroidered or printed with either just a logo or both a logo and numbers in a matter of seconds. We spend a lot of our time meeting with general suppliers so that we can prepare the very best screen-printable clothing for everyone’s convenience – mostly yours, of course. And when we’re not contrasting waterproof polo tees, you can bet that we’re meeting with customers in person to confirm their design and guarantee utmost satisfaction.

Don’t hesitate to shoot any staff member an email questioning any items, what all we have to offer, or how long it takes to process and ship your order.


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