Girls’ and Women’s Soccer

Posted on July 16th, by Natalie Mathews in Latest News. No Comments

Girls’ and Women’s Soccer

Other than football preparation, we’ve been particularly busy with readying soccer uniforms. Both Williamson County’s boys’ and girls’ teams are fairly renown state-wide. Often finding themselves state bound, tryouts for previous players along with those aspiring are being held this week so that the training can begin taking place for the fall season.

Soccer’s been receiving a tad bit more attention lately, if you aren’t already well aware, since the women’s USA soccer team won against the Japanese after they defeated England and we defeated Germany. It’s the first time we have taken the FIFA Women’s World Cup title since 1999.

Personally, I don’t read about or watch sports played very often, but this was a competition I ended up keeping tabs on. I’m sure all of Williamson County’s girls – and boys – soccer players are very inspired by it all as they leap into their next term.

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