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Girls’ and Women’s Soccer

by Natalie Mathews

16th July

Other than football preparation, we’ve been particularly busy with readying soccer uniforms. Both Williamson County’s boys’ and girls’ teams are fairly renown state-wide. Often finding themselves state bound, tryouts for previous players along with those aspiring are being held this week so that the training can begin taking place for the fall season.

Soccer’s been receiving a tad bit more attention lately, if you aren’t already well aware, since the women’s USA soccer team won against the Japanese after they defeated England and we defeated Germany. It’s the first time we have taken the FIFA Women’s World Cup title since 1999.

Personally, I don’t read about or watch sports played very often, but this was a competition I ended up keeping tabs on. I’m sure all of Williamson County’s girls – and boys – soccer players are very inspired by it all as they leap into … Read More »

Let’s talk apparel.

by Natalie Mathews

23rd June

Mannequins shown in our conference room. Previously used Ravenwood High School football jersey at very right. 

The title of this post is a total cliché, that’s very clear, but other than staying updated with what we love and aspire to improve the experience of the most – sports – we’d like to attempt to convey our comparatively extensive knowledge of both sportswear and gear.

As shown in our linked, exhibited catalogs, there’re understandable names for each garment, basic facts about its material, and a series of images so you can get a decent visual of the product before purchasing it. What you don’t know is that a good portion of our staff knows each piece by its very specific name – we’re talking numbers and jumbled up letters – and can most likely give you its price when embroidered or printed with either just a logo … Read More »

Willco Awards!

by Natalie Mathews

23rd June

Since we’re a good deal behind on the results of the heap of new and exciting events that took place throughout the past year, I think it’s fitting to give them at least a mention.

Starting with the most formal and attention-grabbing – The Willco Awards. This ceremony first took its name and place at the Franklin Theatre last May (2015). Organized and sponsored by a handful of directors and companies, the black-tie event brought forth the top 3 finalists for both girls’ and boys’ sports, including cross country, golf, volleyball, and basketball, to name a few, across Williamson County. The awards also presented titles of Athlete of the Year (AOY), Sportsmanship of the Year, Courage Award, and Sponsor of the Year.

To read more about the initiators of the ceremony and its finalists, check out the Brentwood Home Page’s article:

Willco Awards … Read More »

We have not blogged in quite a while.

by Natalie Mathews

23rd June

Somewhat unpredictably, our webstore’s activity has blown up – not necessarily in proportion to other means of business, however. We’re staying busy here at Mathews Team Sports, with an updated location, (if our home page’s banner hasn’t already informed you of that), new coworkers, and, of course, the arrival of football season.

Football season – arguably, it’s the craze of fall sports. It gets a fairly good amount of recognition year-round, nonetheless. With workshops held from the end of the previous season and the peak of winter to the 95 degree’d weeks of June, you can believe that even Tennessee’s high school football teams are managing to fit in a couple of weights classes and sprinting whenever they can in further preparation. Interestingly enough, a lot of the offered summer camps involve 7-on-7 football; hearing that aloud would presumably nerve-wrack any player’s … Read More »

To Start or To Finish?

by Lara Young

19th June

We decided to share another quote with you this week. We love this one in particular, because it’s more than just motivational or inspirations, but reaches a bit further and really gets you thinking!

Is John Wooden right? Are the players who finish a game more valuable than the ones who got it started? Or do you feel it’s vice versa? Are the starters more valuable players? Or maybe you feel that they’re equally important?

This whole concept applies to much more than sports – it could apply to virtually any realm of life. A standout scenario that comes to mind when it comes to this principle is songwriting. Paul McCartney and John Lennon were known to collaborate frequently when writing their legendary lyrics, but they admitted that Lennon generally started the songs and McCartney finished them. Does this make one of … Read More »

Food For Thought…

by Lara Young

11th June

This is one of our favorite sporting quotes from one of the most notable athletes of all time! During long, tough, and stressful weeks sometimes it’s nice to take a moment and reflect on a good quote. A good quote can inspire you and motivate you to keep going strong….So we wanted to share one with you and get your feedback.

How do you interpret this quote?

What are some of your favorite sporting quotes?

It’s That Time Again…

by Lara Young

30th May


Football Season is fast approaching…can you believe it?!?! Are you as excited as we are? We recently got a trailer full of Schutt Sporting Goods in and are thrilled to start distributing the apparel and equipment to our teams. These helmets and pads are going to look great on the guys, but more importantly, will keep them safe and protected during the game! Stay tuned for pics of the goods…

We are more than ready for Football Season! The games, the friends and family, the parties, the food….what’s not to love?

Tell us what your favorite part of Football Season is!!!

We’d Like to Introduce Ourselves

by Lara Young

9th April

(Our Staff from Left to Right: Nick Mathews, Natalie Mathews, Don Chapman, Robin Bradley, Lara Young and Tate Mathews)

We warmly welcome you to the much anticipated and official Mathews Team Sports Website! We are proud to be your full service team sporting goods dealer! The first thing we’d like to do is introduce ourselves.

As you can see, we have a small team. While we may be small, we are mighty. We work together diligently to best serve our top priority: you – our customer. All of the hard work and time devoted to building this site are a huge part of our ongoing efforts to best serve our customers, as you now have a user-friendly and convenient Mathews Team Sports store at your fingertips!

Now that you’ve put a face to our names, don’t be shy about contacting us. We are … Read More »